Collaboration during lockdown ft Sandile Lephondp, Tk Bambisa,Nicki Walker S3Y3,KuchiCola, Seriti !!

The Lockdown Collaboration EP

The Collaboration EP


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Upbeat Collaboration with Nicki Walker, Sandile Lephondo, S3Y3, TK Bambisa Seriti , Kuchicola, Flameboy Universe, This happened during the lockdown due to Covid-19 and just encouraging global collaboration to solve issue affecting all humanity inspire of place of origin. 


B.O.A.T.S limited edition.

Based On African True Stories cd

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B.O.A.T.S which stands for Based On African True Stories 

Its a piece of work that tells my story of being born in the village North West of South Africa, raised in the inner city Township of Soweto and just finding my way through life in the big city of Johannesburg. Shipping costs will be added for physical copy. Download link will be provided upon receiving payment.